Dr. Long Gave Me Twin Babies

For nine years, my husband and I struggled with infertility treatments ranging from IUIs to IVF. Over the years, we had sought out different doctors, hoping to find someone who had a medical protocol that would work. We also decided to change acupuncturists as well. Fortunately, we found Dr. Long at teamacupuncture.com

I had regular weekly appointments with Dr. Long beginning about 4-5 months prior to the last embryo transfer and had followed her customized treatment plan for me: She prescribed specific meridian points combinations at different phases of my conception. Then fine tune the prescription in accordance with my body’s reaction during the whole the 5 months of treatment. In addition, Dr. Long used different techniques, including acupuncture, electric acupuncture, scalp needling ,moxibustion and Chinese herb formulas, to achieve optimum results for me. Dr. Long did not even stop with such sophisticated medical plan yet. She also helped me manage my stress and anxiety, as well as lifestyle adaption – warming foods, no cold foods or beverages, lots of nutritious soups I made at home. She also asked me to keep my feet warm, by wearing socks and enclosed shoes rather than sandals, even wearing socks to bed.

During my first visit in July, Dr. Long asked me to be positive, patient, stick to the routine of treatment for at least 3 to 6 months, and strictly follow her medical orders.

In December 2018, after all these years, we finally got what we hoped for. A positive pregnancy test and an ultrasound that showed not one but two sacs!!

Her care for me didn’t end after we had that positive test. At 6 weeks, I had the flu and I texted to get help with my fever. She provided ways to help lower my fever without me having to take more medication, which I couldn’t. Dr. Long also periodically checked in on me to see how I was feeling. And I’m very pleased to say that I am now at 25 ½ weeks, with my twin boys.

I felt that she cares for each and every one of her patients; even adjusting her schedule so I didn’t miss an appointment that week.

I highly recommend Dr. Long and her services.

Jeanie F, Boynton Beach, FL

Dr. Long’s Acupuncture Treatment is Awesome

I want to give a great big thanks to Dr. Long for taking care of me and my muscles with her awesome acupuncture treatment. I strongly recommend.

Cre’Von LeBlanc, Football player.
Chicago Bears

Dr. Iris, she is really great

When I first went to Team Acupuncture I could not stand up straight and I was in a lot of pain. My first fall from a horse was when I was a year old and after that I had many more. I used to be a jumper but had to stop at the age of 21 because of back pain. I am now 28 years old and used to live with constant back and neck pain. I was able to feel the difference after the first visit, after the second visit my pain was almost gone and I am able to walk normal again. I really recommend Dr. Iris she is really great!

Stephanie Albert
Wellington FL

Highly recommend!

I went into Team Acupuncture with a lot of discomfort in my neck and rear shoulder. I had no idea what to expect being it was my first time receiving acupuncture. Dr. Iris made me feel extremely comfortable; using not only the acupuncture needles but also heat, electric stimulation, and a new technique to me: cupping. Walking out of the office my neck and shoulder feel so much better! Cannot wait to make my next appointment.

David Trovato
Royal Palm Beach

An Extraordinary Clinic

An extraordinarily nice acupuncture clinic; very pleasant, relaxing and beautifully decorated environment; very helpful, empathetic and knowledgeable acupuncturist. She even offered us that we could contact her later through e-mail if we had any questions. She invested a lot of time in my treatment, providing acupuncture, cupping, moxa and herbs. We were really happy that we discovered this place!

Ivana Hollan
Czech Republic

Dr. Long is the best

I have now been to 5 different acupuncturists. Dr. Long is the best one I have met up to this point. I’ve gotten a lot of attention from her and she puts much more effort and time into trying to get me healthy than past acupuncturists. Very pleased with my improved health and the effort Dr. Long gives to get me healthier.

Steve Vurture
West Palm Beach

Dr. Long’s Acupuncture Treatment is Awesome

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the treatments at Team Acupuncture. My back has been painful for many years and now, after several treatments, I am almost pain free. I still have an occasional period of difficulty but recent treatments seem to have brought relief there also. So… thank you for your help, Dr. Long! You have made a big difference!

Marshall Hoffman
West Palm Beach, FL

Acupuncture Helps Equestrians

I have scoliosis which is a deviation in the column. I have this condition since I was a teenager, never really bothers me. Start bothering me when I bought a new horse, and in order for me to ride him in the ride way I have to use muscles that because of the curvature on my column I haven’t using them, at that point the pain started. The pain was really strong during the night, I couldn’t sleep well, I woke up with numbness on my left side and kind of headache. I decided to tried acupuncture and luckily found Dr. Long. She is amazing, in a matter of ten sessions my pain is gone (although I know the curvature is there) . Thank to her I can ride my horse and do my gym routine. It was a great, and I don’t regret it a minute. Thank you Dr. Long.

Imelda Gutierrez
Wellington, FL

Dr. Long Is a Gifted Healer

Dr Long is a gifted healer. She’s extremely compassionate and intuitive. I tried Acupuncture for the first time for insomnia. A friend recommended it and I was desperate enough to try anything! After only a few sessions I started sleeping through the night again.
On another occasion I had a pinched nerve that was causing back pain. After a single session combining cupping and Acupuncture, amazingly the pain was gone.
I don’t really understand how, but it really works and Dr Long is amazing.

Wellington, FL

Dr. Long Has Magical Hands

Dr. Long has been treating me for different health reasons including digestive problems, back pain, and very bad sleeping issues. I always look forward to seeing her knowing that when I walk out of her office, I notice the difference. She has magical hands and always makes me feel a whole lot better.

Kathy W.
West Palm Beach, FL