Acupuncture Helps Equestrians

I have scoliosis which is a deviation in the column. I have this condition since I was a teenager, never really bothers me. Start bothering me when I bought a new horse, and in order for me to ride him in the ride way I have to use muscles that because of the curvature on my column I haven’t using them, at that point the pain started. The pain was really strong during the night, I couldn’t sleep well, I woke up with numbness on my left side and kind of headache. I decided to tried acupuncture and luckily found Dr. Long. She is amazing, in a matter of ten sessions my pain is gone (although I know the curvature is there) . Thank to her I can ride my horse and do my gym routine. It was a great, and I don’t regret it a minute. Thank you Dr. Long.