I Highly Recommend Dr. Long

Sciatica pain is relentless and unforgiving, I know I’ve been diagnosed with lower lumbar stenosis.

My name is David and I’ve been searching for relief of sciatic pain. I’ve tried every thing short of surgery. While surfing the internet looking for new ideas, I came across acupuncture treatment, something I’ve never tried. however, if it’s gonna relieve the pain I’m all in.

I made an appointment with Dr. Long. The morning I arrived at her office I could barely walk. I was in so much pain. The pain was a solid ten. we sat down and had a conference talk ,explaining how acupuncture worked. I was impressed. I was amazed of the progressive pain relief during my first several visits. After ten treatments I can say I’m virtually pain free. With rest and stretchering exercise every morning, we beat the beast.

Dr. Long is very professional in her practice. she’s very polite, understanding, thorough, efficient and knowledgeable. A treatment takes about an hour. She checks on you every ten minutes to make sure that you are comfortable. With the soothing background music, lights dimmed, you get into a relax mood only to let your endorphin do the healing. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs health care. Her facility is sanitize, private and comfortable.