Everything improved

I have suffered with chronic lower back pain for 30+ years due to a childhood injury and a lifetime of contact sports. I regularly participated in physical therapy and chiropractic treatment with limited results. My discomfort became so severe earlier this year that I received 3 sessions of cortisone injections into my spine. The relief was minimal and short lived. My next step was surgery and a spinal fusion. I limped into Ms Long’s office as a last ditch effort to ease my pain. After one session I walked out feeling exponentially better and within 2 days I experienced a sensation I hadn’t had in two decades, comfort. Not just pain relief but a feeling of being at ease. I’m am now able to weight train and practice Jiu Jitsu with my son again. If I can offer one piece of advice it would be to not wait. My quality of life has dramatically increased do to the acupuncture I received.